June 12, 2009

Dining at Bagan Penang....

This is my (our) second visit to Bagan. Hubby thought he'd take me to a real romantic place since I considered the dinner at Soho was romantic to me. I was told that this is a gay bar but I see many couples like us dining here. I like the interior; colour and all. Housed in an old Colonial like building, there is even a separate section for the bar/lounge area. You get a kind of warm ambience with the simple interior and dark but not too dark lightings. At least you can see what you are eating.
Don't you just love the uniform the waitress wears?
We had the full course dinner starting with the salad. Salad was just alright. Nothing spectacular. Next was the wild mushroom soup. Oh, it is heavenly. Thick and creamy with lots of mushrooms. A mixture of wild and shiitake mushrooms. It is thick with cream and milk and not corn starch.
My main course was the macadamia and coconut encrusted rack of lamb with prune and rosemary seasoning. Mmmm...It is so tender. Cooked yet so uncooked. You can still see some juice oozing out as you cut into the lamb. It is something different from the normal grilled rack of lamb. The coating of macadamia and desiccated coconut gives the extra flavour. Hubby had the Chief Waiter's recommendation, the Char grilled rack of lamb marinated with mint and garlic sauce. Simple seasoning but it was tasty and aromatic. Did he like it? You bet. Mm mm....yummy is all he could say.
Our dessert was the lemon cheese cake and as usual my favourite...tiramisu. The cakes are simply delicious. These two especially the lemon cheese cake is a must try.

After dinner, we were serenaded by Rose and The Frequency Band. This place is a bit pricey and I would like to think that it must be because there is entertainment after dinner. Many come in for Rose's singing. On that night she sang I Dream a Dream and Cry me a river. I guess it must be because of Susan Boyle. Oh, you've got to time your dinner time such that you stay long enough to grab a drink and listen to Rose sing. She has a voice so powerful I always thought she'd bring the roof down. The food wasn't bad but the service was. You can't help noticing the nonchalant attitude of the people who works here. Double standards are practised here and that is bad in the hospitality line. I think bearing with the price is enough. Anyway, we enjoyed the food here. Bagan Bar and Restaurant is located at No. 18 Jalan Bagan Jermal, Penang. Tel: 04-2264977


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