May 19, 2009

Roti baked...n Kari Ayam...!

Have you tried this? This is from Ipoh. Something different...!!! Yeah, I thought I would give it a shot. The curry chicken is normal. The bread is normal...but when you bake one inside the other, it isn't. This fare orignates from Ipoh was what the vendor told me. The cooked curry chicken is wrapped in tin foil and placed in the centre of the bread dough. It is then baked till the bread is done.

The curry is good. The tastes a bit sweet but it is very tasty. It is also soft, moist and aromatic. If you want to try it, it is found at the Red Dragon coffee shop situated on Leith Street.
Is this Caliornia roll? Yeps. I tell you, the Japanese will weep when they see this. The one thing is, it is value for money. That's the reason I put it here. :o)


<< s| teD| yanG GOmuK >> said...

nyUmmmii nyummiii!!

ZongYen said...

Hi,thanks for dropping by my blog yar,ur blog is interesting too...u must be love eating very much said...

U R welcome. I think almost everyone loves to eat. Don't you?

Loke said...

wah.. i love ur header!