April 23, 2009

Fish N Chips - London style

"Its dinner time and what shall we have for dinner?"asked hubby. "Oh! do you know where we can find yummy London fish and chips?" I asked. "I'll take you to Soho" said hubby. (Soho is located on Upper Penang Road. It is actually a pub.)
Soho it is. We took the table on the pavement. Very nice view here. It started to drizzle a little then it got heavier. I feel kinda sad because I thought it was romantic sitting at the table outside watching the rain and people walking past. heeeheee...simple joys of life. We had no choice but to vacate the table and move inside.

The table we had to vacate. I took this picture from the 'window seat' we occupied inside.

Here is the deliiiicious, crispy, tasty London fish and chips. The best so far that I've tasted in Penang. The fish used isn't dory and that is the one good part and the other, the batter. It is really crispy but not hard. You get that nice light feeling when you bite into it and ooh, the fish, it is so fresh. For some, the batter is soggy and some crispy but it is hard when you bite into it. The only complaint is, the chips weren't as large a portion as those you get in London and also, there weren't any vinegar around. That's the only sad part.
Soho's special for the night was Grilled lamb with rosemary n red wine sauce. Hubby didn't like it because it wasn't well-done enough. Me, I simply loved it. The lamb was really tender and well marinated. The rosemary and red wine sauce, you get that oomph taste each time you bite into a piece of lamb. The meal was nice. Reasonably priced and nice atmosphere. Not really smoky for a pub. :o)


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wow the grilled lamb looks really good! food glorious food.. lol.