March 23, 2009

ChokDee Thai Restaurant

This is our 2nd visit to ChokDee. A simple and nice restaurant which is situated along Burmah Road (same row as Oh Eye Clinic).
Now, let's talk about the food served here. It is ooh la la. We ordered the Lemon steam fish. This is one of ChokDee's signature dish. is really yummy and we finished the soup right to the last drop. Oh yah, we had a little extra bowl of the soup too. The fish is fresh and the soup is sour but not too sour and spicy the real authentic Thai spicyness. I would say the way this fish is prepared, it is unique. We even drank the gravy the fish comes with as soup!!! That is how good it is.
Here, you can ask for the extra gravy/soup which the fish comes with. I'm pretty sure the petite proprietress will be more than happy to oblige.
Long beans fried with BBQ pork. This is awesome. It is fried Thai style and unlike any other I've tried. It is a bit sweet and spicy and good! Everything on the plate is fresh and fried just right. One thing, look out for some bombs' (birdeye chilli) which blends very well with the long beans.
Deep fried kangkong (water convolvulus). ChokDee does it really well. The kangkong isn't over deep fried and it comes coated with the tastiest batter.

Green curry was also on our list. We had the chicken green curry. It isn't very spicy so the young man seated at our table was enjoying it right to the last morsel. I like the smell and taste of basil inside this curry. The eggplant was not overcook and I like the bite.
This is the little wonder...Thai sambal. It is good on its own and I swear I could've just eaten my rice with this. But then...the dishes here, they are so mouth-watering I just had to eat everything and include this sambal.
Our last order...the Tup Tim Krop. This is one dessert I never give a pass. I love the way the water-chestnut is embedded in the starch. It makes the eating interesting. heeheee.. The one thing is...I think the starch is a bit too redish in colour. Other than this...I must say the 3 of us had a hearty, filling and satisfying meal.
We didn't order the fried tanghoon (glass noodles) this time because there were only 3 of us. The fried tanghoon is also another not to be missed dish. Of course, ChokDee has many other yummy dishes on their menu.
I'll be back for them....and soon! :o)

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i like the fish!