February 16, 2011

'Or Ni' Puffs N Goh Huat Seng Steamboat

My late father used to bring the whole family to this kopi-tiam style restaurant for lunch or dinner. I remembered myself dressed in school uniform and eating here. Today I bring my family here. That is how long this restaurant has been around in Penang. I think one can tell by the name that it is well known for steamboat. Hubby and I were here for just a simple meal. We had deep fried fish dribbled in my favourite sauce; pan tossed shredded ginger with light soy sauce. I am one person who is hopeless with names of fish so I will just call this dish deep fried fish with 'see yau'. This dish is simple as simple can be but the taste is fantastic. The good grade soy sauce used added to the tastiness.The stir-fry French bean was next. What I like about this restaurant is they do not use lard in their cooking. The French beans are cooked and still crunchy (what I like most in fried beans) and do not have that green taste.
The next dish was the chicken fried in sesame oil. It would have tasted better if a little more sesame seed oil is used. Other than that, both hubby and I enjoyed the chicken. Both of us were not in the mood for curry. The stingray curry here is just as delicious as the other dishes we had. The prices here are affordable, the kitchen is clean and the staff is friendly.
When we finished dinner, this is something I always buy home....Their 'Or Ni' puffs. This is a Teochew dessert. These are puffs filled with yam gruel. The way the gruel is made will make you go ooh...it is scrummy when you take a bite. The gruel is not too thick, or too liquid. It is just nice with the right amount of yam, starch and sesame seed. The pastry too is flaky and not hard.
You have to place your order for these puffs before dinner is over as they are sold out fast.
Goh Huat Seng Steamboat is located along Kimberley Street, No. 59-A. 10100 Penang. Tel Nos: 04-2615811 & 2615646. It is closed once every fortnight on Monday.


Nava.K said...

If I am at Penang, will try this place, the puffs seems of interest to me.

Bubbles...ooo said...

Hi,give the steamboat a shot if u come in a group. That is good too besides the Or Ni. Enjoy :o)