January 27, 2009

Popiah & wantan mee...

Hawker food, yes oh yes, how my stomach scream for them. Don't we always yearn for food from home when one goes away for a while? That was what happened to me. After organising a bit in the house upon reaching, we (hubby was the driver) drove as fast as we could to the hawker center. Oh, how I crave for my popiah. Had some and after a few days of 'hunting', I think I've found one very, yummy stall. The one located at Bee Hooi coffeeshop in Pulau Tikus. This popiah doesn't have the tau geh (bean sprouts) which I detest in popiahs. It has chopped prawns and the amount used, I would say just generous. Minced tau knuah (soya bean cake), good sprinkle of fried shallots and good amount of hicama (yam bean). Oh yah, auntie didn't scrimp even with the escalating costs, there are even french beans! Everything is cooked just right, hicama not overboiled. Also, the thim cheong (sweet sauce) this auntie used, it is good. For the price you pay, it is good value because you don't get skinny poh piah like some other stalls I've visited. Juicy, tasty, yummy and sweet. Yeah, the popiah tastes sweet not from sugar but from the jicama cooked just right. Oh, this popiah make me remember my grandma, how she used to make them.
Another food that deserves a mention is the Wantan mee/noodles. The noodles used is smooth and you don't get the boric acid taste on your tongue after eating. The sauce that is dribbled on the mee, it taste yummy without the smoky taste. Also the char siew (barbequed pork), it is fresh and not dried up. This stall? It is found at the same coffee shop as above. Am no foodie but good Penang food when you locate one...oh heavenly. :o)