December 7, 2009

Four Seasons Restaurant - their new dishes

We found ourselves at Four Seasons Restaurant again for dinner. We were recommended some new dishes. We'll take the new ones was what hubby suggested, for a change. I write a little on this Restaurant. I know it has been featured in the local daily before.
Isn't it wonderful what restaurateur do today as an attraction? Toasted groundnuts/peanuts used to be served but today there are many varieties. Here at Four Seasons, we were served this little plate of Achar (picture above). This is a dish made of pickled vegetables and hot, spicy chili sauce with ground peanuts.
Next a bowl of Water Crest soup is served. These two are complimen-tary. Then comes all the dishes we ordered for our dinner.
Deep Fried Black Pomfret with Chef's Special Sauce. The sauce is sweet, sour and chili spicy. The sauce is somewhat like what the Thai chili sauce is. The fish, it is very fresh and well fried. You can even eat the fins and tail is all I can say. Nothing really 'new' about this dish.

Braised Pork Ribs. This dish is different from what we've eaten before. It is braised with preserved vegetables (mui choy) and peanuts. Very tasty and the ribs are so tender you can just flake it off the bones.
Here in this picture you can see the 'mui choy' and and peanuts.
This is a must try. The Mocha spare ribs. It is very well seasoned and nicely grilled.
The special cod fish barbequed with honey. It is served with salad cream something which we thought we could do without. The fish is fresh and taste quite alright. I didn't like the red color. I thought cod fish looks better when they are white.
My all time favorite. The Runner Beans (French beans) fried in sambal dried prawns. You will love the fresh vege bite feeling as you chew on the beans. The dried prawns sambal (chili paste) adds on the extra goodness of this dish.
For extra bites, we ordered the Chim Choe rolls (crab meat). There is something different about these rolls. The texture and the filling. Good!
Four Seasons actually served nice food with reasonable price. The one thing I can't stomach is the male 'tow kay' (boss as what we Malaysians refer to the person who runs the place). He has an attitude problem. Urghhh.... I visit only because I enjoy the food. Four Seasons is here...80-U Jalan Trengganu, Penang. Tel: 04-2818193. They are closed on Monday.
A note of closes at 10:00pm. From my many experiences, it is best to be there the latest 9:00pm even though they tell you the last order is at 9:30pm. You won't get peace eating because the waiter and waitresses will be in a rush to go off. Also, you won't get that free plate of fruits. me cheap but if it is free...why not, right? Happy dining! :o)

December 2, 2009

Oooh, Cinnamon Rolls.....

There aren't many bakeries in Penang that you can find selling Cinnamon Rolls. I mean 'real' Cinnamon Rolls. Those that actually smells of cinnamon when you take a whiff. The few bakeries that I come across do have rolls that look like these in the pictures here. is labeled as Cinnamon rolls/buns but I always end up disappointed after I take a bite. Sister-in-law came by the house the other day and gave me two rolls. Told me this, "I think you'll like these."
I opened the bag that these rolls came in and took a whiff. Ooo the aroma of cinnamon. YES! 'Real ' Cinnamon rolls. I took a bite and euphoria! She found it. I mean to say the shop that sells soft and tasty cinnamon rolls. These are real ones, I told her. Mmmuaks...for her.
You love Cinnamon rolls like I do? Head for this bakery. Rainforest Bakery which is situated along Chulia Street, Penang. If you've read my apom manis post, Rainforest Bakery is just opposite (across the road) Ah Tan's apom stall. Happy savouring!:o)

November 20, 2009

Bak Kut Teh

Something hubby and me go for whenever we want something simple and quick, Bak Kut Teh (literally translated--meat bone tea). A little information for those not familiar with this dish. This is a dish of meaty pork ribs, chunks of meat, tail, shanks, etc, simmered in Chinese herbs. Some stalls serve this dish differently. This stall that we ate at, serve it with meat balls, fish balls, 'tau ki' and 'tau pueh'. Mmmm...yummy when it is soaked in the soup. Of course the Yau Char Kwai is to be added too. The soup here is very 'kau bi'. Tasty in the English Language with sufficient amount of herbs used. The only thing here is.....I find it a tad bit saltish.
Fried fish. These are actually deep fried so crispy even the bones and head are edible.
Iceberg lettuce blanched and dribbled with oyster sauce. Those sprinkled on the top, they are meat floss.
Picture here shows a bowl of yau char kway or you tiao (golden brown deep fried strip of dough), chopped garlic, sliced red chili and sliced bird eye chili. Mix the red chili/bird eye chili in a sauce of thick and light soy sauce. This is to dunk the meat into for extra flavor and oomph!
This is the place I frequent for my bowl of Klang Bak Kut teh. Anyone knows if there is any other place besides this in Penang serving good Bak Kut Teh?
Liu Li Xiang has moved to their new premises. It is just a few yards away. It is still beside Penang Chinese Girls' High School, Gottlieb Road, Penang.:o)***A new management has taken over this place. Liu Li Xiang is no longer here. Sorry.

November 7, 2009

Apom Manis of Penang

Meet Mister Tan, my family's favorite Apom Manis (sweet pancake) seller. There aren't many stalls selling these apom manis at night. Besides this stall, there is another one at New Lane (Lebuh Baru). Do you know that these two sellers are brothers?
I still like to come here and get my apom manis. Ah Tan makes very nice ones. His pandan (screw pine) flavored ones are best is how I would describe them. (See the picture above) Ah Tan uses real pandan juice which he pounds and squeezes. He showed me a bottle full of the juice. Also, the batter isn't too liquid so the pancakes made aren't thin.
Picture here shows apom with grated coconut cooked in brown sugar and also apom with sliced bananas.
If you are craving for them, you can find Ah Tan along Chulia Street. If you come up from the direction of Mesjid Kapitan Kling, Ah Tan's stall is on the left amongst the many hawker stalls. You can't miss him. You will normally see a lot of customers standing and waiting. Enjoy! :o)

October 21, 2009

Lovely Cendol found in Penang

My dinner at Maple Palace Restaurant (refer to my earlier post) wasn't complete in a sense where I'm concerned. I missed having my bowl of dessert - Cendol. This used to be on the dessert menu of the old restaurant Maple Gold. From Mary I found out where the cendol was sourced. Where? Here is the supplier.
This is the stall. The cendol is so springy and the santan (coconut milk) is so fresh. The brown sugar that comes with it...... so fragrant and rich.

Here is my bowl of cendol. For my readers who aren't familiar with this dessert. Cendol is made from green pea flour. Those green coloured strands in the bowl. They are served with santan (coconut milk in our local language) and thick brown sugar syrup together with shaved ice. Mostly eaten cold.
Stall is located at Gat Lebuh Presgrave. It is known as 'Sar Tiau Lor' to Penangites. You can get your bowl of cendol, ice kacang even at night. :o)

October 19, 2009

Maple Palace Restaurant....

A new place to eat in Penang! Maple Palace is where Maple Gold Restaurant used to be. Now under a new manage- ment and attractively refurbished. As I walked into this 3 week old Chinese restaurant I can't help saying this...Wow! The beige color paint and pink upholstery made the place looked bright and spacious. This is my first time here I mean the new Maple Palace Restaurant but 2nd for hubby. He told me the food is good and that I should try.
There's only the 2 of us so it is this much that we could order.
Sweet Mary recom-mended this dish Steamed Cod fish with Dou su Sauce. This is something new for the two of us. Not the steam fish but the Dou su sauce. I wanted to have a look at the dou su (a kind of nut) but the whole nut wasn't available. Everything has been ground up. The fish is fresh and I mean fresh! The sauce, something different. Crunchy, fragrantly fried and it has this sweet taste.
Next we were recom-mended
the Braised Pork ribs with yam, Thai style. The pork ribs are so tender it just flakes off the bones. The yam and mushrooms stewed with the ribs was alright but not the dried prawns. The dried prawns 'covered' whatever taste there is in this dish.
As usual, vegetables have to be on the table. We had the stir-fry Khai lan with garlic. I love these? They are so crunchy you could say it isn't cook but NO, they are fried to perfection.
On Mary's recommendation we decided to try the Home made spring rolls (choon piah). No regrets having to stuff this little bit of extra into the stomach. This is deicious. The skin of the spring roll is crispy as crispy can be and tasty. The stuffing is cooked just right. No more words to say except.....try this when you do visit. Maple Palace is here: Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang
(used to be Maple Gold Recreational Club) Tel: 604-2279690 / 2274542
**10% Service Charge

September 30, 2009

MAA ROY Thai Restaurant......

What shall we have for dinner tonight? Western, Indian, Asian.....? We finally settled on this restaurant. Maa Roy a Thai restaurant. Brother-in-law has been there and (if I'm not mistaken) said we should give it a shot after our recent stint at Chok Dee. Here we are for dinner.
We were served fresh cucumber and long beans together with Thai chili (some sort of sambal) as appetizers. The 'sambal' was great. Our dishes arrived shortly. Deep fried Kangkong, Tom yam, Secret Pork and Otak otak.
This is the Secret Pork. How secret is it? Well, it actually is nothing more than slices of pork marinated in lots of Thai spices and some herbs. It is then deep fried. I don't find any surprises in this dish.
The deep fried kang kong? A dish which happens to be one of my favorite and a must have at any Thai restaurant I visit. This time I must say I was disappointed. The kang kong not only came in batter that wasn't crispy, it was also bland.
A sweet and sour peanut sauce is served together with the dish. It does make the kang kong taste a bit better but it'll be better if I could eat it without the sauce like I normally do.
The Thai style Seafood Otak otak looked really appetizing when it arrived. The aroma was great but somehow the taste wasn't so. I think too much basil leaves were included and also the egg was over beaten. H didn't like it much but I thought it was quite bearable.
Ah....the savior of the night's dinner. The seafood Tom yam. Now, this is really good. The tom yam is sour, a little bit sweet, spicy and not liquid. The fish, calamari, prawns and a few ladies' fingers all tasted good and fresh. Now be forewarned, the spiciness of this dish overloads your taste buds.

Tup Tim this the way the dessert is supposed to be? I can't remember how many times I've had this dessert and loved it but this is the one time I'll give the thumbs down. The santan (coconut milk) tasted old and 'expired', the starch is gooey. No more next time.
Maa Roy is run by Thais and all I can sum up is; I think it is too authentic for our taste buds. The staff here are friendly and it did make our visit better with their politeness. The one thing is, they charge 80 cents for a cup of plain water. That's rather much, no? Anyway, these are my comments and thoughts. If you would like to visit this restaurant, it is located at: 6A Abu Siti Lane, Penang. Tel: 04-2265816. Hope you enjoy! :o)

September 15, 2009

Apom....Ooooo yummy

This is my family's favourite stall. Apom, Yes. This couple makes the BEST apom in Penang. At least it is for my family. Why I say it is the best is simply because of the fragrance and texture. No smoky smell and the apom thin but not too thin. I know charcoal made ones are better but somehow some stalls makes them 'smoked'. I needn't have to go further on this little piece of apom. You run along down to Chulia Street and taste if for yourself. Where? This stall is found at the end of Chulia Street, Penang(near the end where Mesjid Kapitan Kling is situated).

See the number of people waiting for their orders of Apoms? Enjoy :o)

September 8, 2009

BLUE REEF is the place......!

Blue Reef is a restaurant we have walked by and drove past many times but have never visited. All these while we thought it was just a Fish n Chips shop just like any other found in town. Boy, was we surprised when we visited? The place was near full as we can see when we stepped inside. Brightly lit, very cozy, quite spacious and the staff.....they are friendly.
I had Blue Reef's trademark dish.....The Fish n Chips done in beer batter. Notice how it is served? It comes with a green salad! It isn't just this but the fish itself. The batter is light and what I noticed when I took a bite is this. You don't bite into batter and then air but light crispy batter then fish. The fish is chunky and not tiny sized. I must say Blue Reef serves sizeable portions of food for the price paid. Even malt vinegar is supplied together with Heinz brand tomato and chili sauce. Now is this value for money or what?
This is the interesting and different part of Blue Reef. They serve other dishes besides Fish N Chips. A fish shop with a difference, no? Hmmm......had I known I wouldn't have taken this long to visit. Hubby had the Lamb Cutlet and he couldn't talk to me. He was too busy savoring every mouthful of the lamb plus the wonderful mash potato, etc. All he could muttered was ooh the lamb is very well marinated and tender. There is something very different about the mash potato here. Check this out.

We were served Crème brûlée after the meal. Courtesy of Blue Reef's owners Chris and Swen.

You will find drawings of patrons' children pasted on the wall. I find this really amusing, very interesting and a great idea. Something that I've not come across so far.
Now how did we find the food and service here?
This drawing here sums it all and you bet we'll be back for their other items on the menu.

Trot to the place which is run by Chris and Swen a young affable couple. BLUE REEF is located at Permai 32. Tanjung Bungah. Penang. Tel: 04-8999128. (Closed on Mondays) Have a Great Time and enjoy. :o)

August 21, 2009

A sundae called Rote Gruetze

If there is a contest to vote for the best sundae in the city of Penang, I would vote for this one. This sundae is found at Ingolf's Kneipe. I frequent Ingolf's for dinner and this is the first time I ordered this sundae, the Rote Gruetze. It is ice-cream served with German styled red berries simmered with vanilla stick, sugar & sago. What you get from this sundae is a mixture of sweet and sour tastes. Something I would describe as extraordinary and unsinful. I find it kinda interesting chewing on the sago and sour berries. I mean it would normally be just nuts but this sundae has something different. Yeah, don't we always feel very sinful (for those on a weight watch programme) gulping down anything sweet? I didn't feel the least bit sinful gulping down this Rote Gruetze. I think the sour taste sort of make you feel less guilty. Ahaaahaaa....The mixture of tastes will take you out of this world. Yummily unsinful is all I can say here. :o)

August 5, 2009

Assam Laksa...Balik Pulau, Penang

Weeee, yum... YES, this is the famous Balik Pulau Assam Laksa. We just have to make a turn into Balik Pulau town for a bowl of this delicious assam laksa. The much talked about that is. I think there is nowhere down in the city that you can find such good and cheap laksa. This bowl costs only RM2.50 and take a look at the soup. Full of flakes and flakes of fish and the soup is thick. Oh my, this bowl of laksa just overloads my taste buds. Yuuummy!
A little into this laksa thingy. The soup is basically fish (flaked) cooked in ground chili together with lemon grass, shallots, garlic and belacan (prawn paste cake). Shredded vegetables like cucumber, onions, red chilis, pineapple, lettuce, mint leaves (daun kesum) and chopped pink bunga kantan (ginger buds) are added to the soup. The soup is served with thick rice noodles. Now this is an acquired dish. There is quite a fishy smell due to the amount of fish used. Take a look at these pictures here. In the spoon is the prawn/shrimp paste. Now this is another strong smell thingy. As locals we love this 'heh koh' (prawn paste) added but if you are not familiar with this, take a sniff first.
This is the Lemak Laksa (or Siamese Laksa). This is a type of Laksa with a thick coconut gravy. The gravy is slightly sweet and strongly spiced. The main aroma comes from the kaffir lime leaves. This is just as good and delicious as the assam laksa served here.
Try also what this 'kopi-tiam' offers. Their home 'brewed' white nutmeg cordial. It will be bottled and mixed with assam boi (sour plum) when you placed an order. This kopi tiam is Nan Guang and it is situated just next to the Balik Pulau wet-market. Enjoy :o)