December 9, 2008

The SIRE Restaurant...

We visited The Sire Restaurant for dinner the other night. Must say it has a very nice interior decor and ambience. There were a few tables filled. A couple occupied one table. Another was taken up by a group of young ladies and men. We took one table. Two more tables behind us and later another group of women walked in.
I in particular was taken in by the nice set up. The atrium attracted my attention with its baskets full of ferns.
Fushion style food is served here. We ordered the Roasted Loin Chop, Pan Sealed Red Snapper and Grilled Tiger Prawns. Nothing to oohlala about the food we had. The Cream of Mushroom and Cream Tomato soup wasn't that bad. It always make me wonder why Western Food (of sorts) are always so pricey here in Malaysia.

The only thing that is different about this restaurant is, there is a private family gallery. Entrance is free (I think you have to dine here to be able to enter the gallery). You can walk around the gallery and learn all about the late Yeap Chor Ee's family. All done whilst waiting for your food to arrive or after dinner. The gallery is beautifully set up. You can find out more by visiting the place. It is located on King Street.:o)

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