November 24, 2008

Tree Shade Weld Quay...

This is the sight that greets you as you walk into the place. Tree Shade eatery at Weld Quay. From seafood right to just plain omelete, all can be found here. The place isn't as nice as an airconditioned restaurant but the food, good is what I can say. The price, it is very cheap. The right place to head for when you are quite near your budget and still yearn for that home cooked style of meal.
What we had was their speciality the assorted egg custard (steamed egg). By far, the best I've tasted. The toufoo is another that deserved to be mentioned. Not the wet toufoo with gravy but the deep fried ones. Another dish that I loved here, the deep fried black pomfret (bawal hitam) is another to add to the favourites. The 'belachan' chicken is another nice bite. Together with the fried vegetables, would you believe that the price adds up to less than 40rm for 3 pax? Oh yah, we had their stuffed 'yau char kwai' too. (You can see it in the picture here, those longish thingy.) What more to ask for when the kitchen isn't functionable as yet, eh? (My kitchen is presently under repair!)It was a satisfying meal alright. Cheap and good and that is of course if you do not mind the condition of this Ah well, when it comes to food especially yummy food, the condition doesn't really matters. Enjoy your food here! :o)

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