November 26, 2008

Aji Noren at Prima Tanjung...

Japanese restaurants have mushroomed on this island. To find one where food is resonably priced and good is not easy. We were recommended by a relative to Aji Noren and so far, no disappointments.

I had my usual mini Unadon & Tempura set. This is grilled eel. Most set comes with a bowl of salad, pickles, rice, a bowl of miso shiru (red bean soup) which is yummy, and two pieces of water melon.
Son decided to try their salmon sashimi and tempura set and he couldn't talk when he put a piece of the salmon into his mouth. Mmm...yummy it is sooo fresh and succulent was what he said after.

Hubby had salmon grilled with salt instead of the teriyaki sauce. This set comes with some green vegetables stir fried with butter.
Oh yes, we had an extra order of tempura moriwase. I really couldn't have enough with those that came with my set meal. The tempura, ooh it tastes heavenly. Tempura happened to be my favourite where Japanese food is concerned. Aji Noren serves the best. Even those that I had at Cititel, it didn't come near. Oh yah, Aji Noren closes on Monday (right, I went there and found this out heeeheee).
**10% Service Charge

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