December 10, 2008

Oh Chian (Oyster Omelette)

I have been searching for this stall for many years since coming back to Penang. My beloved Oh Chian stall or Oyster omelette d'Nyonya as I loved to call it. This stall used to be stationed opposite the Muslim orphanage in Air Itam. Mmmm...yummy, it still tastes the same as back in yonder years. The big juicy succulent oysters that are used. The man frying it, well he still look the same albeit the age and bald head. Still as stern as before and thus, I still don't know his name. LOL.
Here, meet my oh chian (see the pics). An omelette made with big juicy oysters, eggs, some corn starch and chopped chives. I think the tastiness comes with the frying time. 'Kau hueh' as in the right heat used when it is fried. Of course, the tasty chilly sauce that comes with it plays an important part. This man fries every order individually and that makes it 'very best' where I'm concerned. In case you are wondering where the stall is now. It is stationed at Bee Sun coffee shop which is situated at the cross road junction of Jalan Kampung Melayu, Air Itam and Jalan Padang Tembak. Happy enjoying! :o)
***Uncle has stopped frying. According to the Kopi Tiam owner, he has retired. Sorry.

December 9, 2008

The SIRE Restaurant...

We visited The Sire Restaurant for dinner the other night. Must say it has a very nice interior decor and ambience. There were a few tables filled. A couple occupied one table. Another was taken up by a group of young ladies and men. We took one table. Two more tables behind us and later another group of women walked in.
I in particular was taken in by the nice set up. The atrium attracted my attention with its baskets full of ferns.
Fushion style food is served here. We ordered the Roasted Loin Chop, Pan Sealed Red Snapper and Grilled Tiger Prawns. Nothing to oohlala about the food we had. The Cream of Mushroom and Cream Tomato soup wasn't that bad. It always make me wonder why Western Food (of sorts) are always so pricey here in Malaysia.

The only thing that is different about this restaurant is, there is a private family gallery. Entrance is free (I think you have to dine here to be able to enter the gallery). You can walk around the gallery and learn all about the late Yeap Chor Ee's family. All done whilst waiting for your food to arrive or after dinner. The gallery is beautifully set up. You can find out more by visiting the place. It is located on King Street.:o)

November 26, 2008

Aji Noren at Prima Tanjung...

Japanese restaurants have mushroomed on this island. To find one where food is resonably priced and good is not easy. We were recommended by a relative to Aji Noren and so far, no disappointments.

I had my usual mini Unadon & Tempura set. This is grilled eel. Most set comes with a bowl of salad, pickles, rice, a bowl of miso shiru (red bean soup) which is yummy, and two pieces of water melon.
Son decided to try their salmon sashimi and tempura set and he couldn't talk when he put a piece of the salmon into his mouth. Mmm...yummy it is sooo fresh and succulent was what he said after.

Hubby had salmon grilled with salt instead of the teriyaki sauce. This set comes with some green vegetables stir fried with butter.
Oh yes, we had an extra order of tempura moriwase. I really couldn't have enough with those that came with my set meal. The tempura, ooh it tastes heavenly. Tempura happened to be my favourite where Japanese food is concerned. Aji Noren serves the best. Even those that I had at Cititel, it didn't come near. Oh yah, Aji Noren closes on Monday (right, I went there and found this out heeeheee).
**10% Service Charge

November 24, 2008

Tree Shade Weld Quay...

This is the sight that greets you as you walk into the place. Tree Shade eatery at Weld Quay. From seafood right to just plain omelete, all can be found here. The place isn't as nice as an airconditioned restaurant but the food, good is what I can say. The price, it is very cheap. The right place to head for when you are quite near your budget and still yearn for that home cooked style of meal.
What we had was their speciality the assorted egg custard (steamed egg). By far, the best I've tasted. The toufoo is another that deserved to be mentioned. Not the wet toufoo with gravy but the deep fried ones. Another dish that I loved here, the deep fried black pomfret (bawal hitam) is another to add to the favourites. The 'belachan' chicken is another nice bite. Together with the fried vegetables, would you believe that the price adds up to less than 40rm for 3 pax? Oh yah, we had their stuffed 'yau char kwai' too. (You can see it in the picture here, those longish thingy.) What more to ask for when the kitchen isn't functionable as yet, eh? (My kitchen is presently under repair!)It was a satisfying meal alright. Cheap and good and that is of course if you do not mind the condition of this Ah well, when it comes to food especially yummy food, the condition doesn't really matters. Enjoy your food here! :o)